Finding the purpose of life for you

Find your purpose in life

By Alex Lloyd

Finding your life purpose may not always be easy, some people may never find it, but knowing how to find it should give you a head start. So here are some strategies for finding the purpose of life for you.

Look for clues from the past and present

It’s likely that the secret of what your life purpose is could lie in the past, so look back at your life to what you have truly loved doing, and things that you have always done. If you’ve never had any interest in music, it’s unlikely your purpose is to become a musician, but if you’ve always loved nature, or teaching people new things then that should be a major clue as to what you should be spending your life doing. If there’s things that you naturally enjoy doing or are good at, then that’s also good indication of a direction you should be considering taking.

Listen to Yourself

Although you can learn a lot from other people, friends and family, and people you work with, when it comes down to it the person you really need to listen to is yourself – what is your heart telling you to do?  Other people will have their opinions on what you should or should not be doing with your life but only you know if what they are advising you is helpful or not. They haven’t got to live your life, so learn to filter out the unhelpful advisers and focus on what your heart is telling you to do.


Don’t necessarily rule things out because you don’t think you can do them. Picture your perfect life and your perfect job. Is getting that life possible? Usually it is, if you have the necessary natural skills and want it badly enough. But you’ve also got to try and balance that out with some realism, if a lot of other people have the same dream as you – to be an actor or pop star for example – you  need to realistically analyse whether you have the skills and the determination to succeed in that area.

Write your thoughts down

One of the best ways to develop your self-awareness, and to find out what your purpose on this planet is, is to keep a record of your thoughts, a daily journal is useful for this. It helps to focus your mind and to make sense of the random thoughts that are going around in your mind. Write down and try to answer questions such as

What do I want to accomplish in my life? Or

What do I want people to remember me for?

Writing all this down should help to make your thoughts much clearer

Find the best route to get there

Once you suspect you know what your life purpose is, then you have to start investigating the best ways to achieve it. It is most likely that someone has done something similar before, so read all you can about their experiences and try to learn from their mistakes  and how they went about achieving their life purpose.

You should feel passionate and excited about the path towards finding your life purpose that you are about to embark on, but it’s likely that you may also be scared about taking the leap into the unknown. Have the courage to do it, and it’s unlikely that you will regret it.

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