How to attract men

By Alex Lloyd

Ok, here we go, how to attract men!

Be friendly

Whenever you are out talk to everyone you can, men you are interested in or not interested in, other women or children. It’s a sign that you are a confident person and are socially assertive. Men are attracted to confidence. just like women are, and if you are seen talking to a lot of people then you are going to show that you are confident and will attract attention from men.

Being sociable and friendly also helps because it makes men more likely to approach you. They are as afraid of rejection as you are, and won’t want to risk approaching you if you seem cold and unfriendly. So smile and be friendly. Once you have people approaching you then you’ll be able to filter out those who you are not interested in.

Look your best

Men are very visual creatures, so looking your best is important. Make sure you are well groomed and dressed for any occasions when you might meet potential men. Wearing some nice perfume is a good idea as men love women who smell good.

If you are overweight then it probably is a good idea to lose some weight as it will unfortunately reduce the number of men who are interested in you.

Be fun

Men love women with a sense of humour so don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun when you meet a man. It can be hard if you are nervous but just try and pretend you are talking to a friend.

Be interesting

Having lots of interests and things to talk about is very attractive to a man so try and become as well-rounded person as you can.

Make a move on men

Generally it’s best to have men make an approach to you, some men prefer things that way, and let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to be the ones doing the filtering than the other way around. However some men are very shy and if that’s the case then it could be worth making the first move or at the very least making it very obvious that you are interested in them.

Don’t be too keen

If you show too much keenness soon after meeting him, you could come across as needy and insecure and this can scare men off.  The faster you want a man to commit ,the greater his fear of commitment is likely to become. Men like to be in control and they fear losing this control.

It is better to show that you are quite happy in your life and can manage perfectly well on your own. And talking about other men in your life even if they are just friends, will help to increase his sense of urgency, he will see you as a prize to be won before someone else gets in there.

However, going too far and playing very hard to get is a more dangerous game. It might work sometimes if the man is very keen and is the type who likes a challenge, but you run the risk of losing other men who will think you are just not interested.

Good luck!

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