How to be happy alone

How to be happy aloneBy Alex Lloyd

In a world that seems dominated by families and couples, it’s easy to forget that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single and that it has a lot of benefits. So here are some tips on how to be happy alone and to live a happy life.

Follow your dreams
People with a partner or children may often have to give up on following their dreams because they don’t have the time any more or because they need to earn money doing a job they hate to feed their family. If you’re alone, you should have more time to spend doing what you really want with your life.

First you need to find out what you really want to be doing, what your purpose in life is, click here for help on how to find this out.

When you have discovered what this is then you can throw yourself into it without the distractions of having a partner or family.

 Keep in close touch with your friends and family.

Not having a partner can be lonely sometimes, so it’s important to keep in close contact with your friends and family.  They can provide the support network you need to get through life’s problems.

 Don’t dwell on what you haven’t got

People who have partners may seem blissfully happy but appearances can be deceptive, they have to deal with a different type of problems, such as arguments with their partners and all the problems that children bring.

So be positive and thankful for what you’ve got.

 Enjoy yourself

The great advantage of being alone is that you can do exactly what you like, you have no need to spend time doing what you partner wants to do, or spending time with their family or friends. Instead, you can spend more time with your own friends and family.

 Keep busy

It’s important to keep busy as you don’t want to dwell on being on your own but make the most of it. So spend time doing hobbies you enjoy, or take up new activities. As well as being fun and challenging it should allow you to learn new things and meet new people. It’s also great to step out of your comfort zone, read more about this here.

Volunteering is a great way to spend your time, because as well as helping out a good cause, it will keep you busy, introduce you to new experiences and people, and make you feel good about yourself

 Be creative

If you are on your own, you should have plenty of time to be creative. It doesn‘t matter if it’s as a professional or as a hobby. You’ll find it very rewarding to create something.

 Get a pet

Even if you have great friends and family, it can sometimes be lonely having no-one to share you home with, and having a pet is great way to have some company. Dogs are particularly good and loyal companions, although they do need looking after and taking for walks. Cats are more self-contained but still provide great companions.

Looking for a partner

If you’re single but don’t want to be, then make the effort to find a partner. Many of the tips for keeping yourself busy by doing plenty of activities should help you meet like-minded potential partners. Or you could try internet dating – read here for whether it really can work.

Hope this has given you some help in how to be happy alone.

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