How to get your ex back

How to get your ex back


How to get your ex back

By Alex Lloyd

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to try and get your ex back. It won’t always be easy but here are some of the tactics you can try to get your ex back.

Apologise to them
If it is you who are primarily to blame for the break-up, then apologise sincerely, and make it clear why you behaved as you did. And promise that it won’t happen again.

Don’t send them an avalanche of presents
Your ex has lost the feeling they experienced, so this won’t be useful.

Do not turn into a stalker
Calling up your ex contantly won’t work, they need to make the judgment on what to do next on their own, so give them time to think about it.

Don’t try to make them jealous
A number of people seek to make their ex green with envy by dating other people, but this seldom is a successful strategy. Your ex will just think that you can no longer be that interested in them if you are dating other people.

Never be weak
Threatening to do harm to yourself, or begging with them to take you back will only make them lose respect for you.

Be positive
It will make it more possible you will get your ex back, and even if you do not, you’ll be more likely to find someone else more easily.

Try getting a shared friend involved
Ask them to remark to your ex on what a wonderful couple you were and tell them something like “It’s a shame you two could not solve your problems.” If they report back agreement then appeal to your ex personally.

Attempt to revive your chemistry
Think of what about you your ex has responded to in a favorable manner recently and strive to make use of this to get back the chemistry between you.

Suggest change
Make suggestions to them as to how you and the relationship can change, and how it could be in the future

Obtain professional assistance
Be open to the idea of counseling, you should get perspective that you would not otherwise receive.

Hopefully this has offered you some beneficial pointers on how to get your ex back.

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