How to make self-esteem affirmations

By Alex Lloyd

Making daily affirmations are a brilliant way to build up your self-esteem and to become a more positive and happy person. They work by forcing a change in your internal thinking patterns.  Most people aren’t aware of just how powerful they can be. So here’s how to make self-esteem affirmations.

1. Define Standards

There’s no point telling your brain that you are going to become a more confident person if you don’t know what that is, so first of all you need to watch the actions of a person who behaves in the way you would like to. This can be anyone, someone you know or someone famous, alive or dead.

Your affirmations are aimed at influencing your subconscious mind and for it to respond well you need to be very specific about what you are telling it. These definite actions could be something like the confidence to to do public speaking, or speaking to strangers or the opposite sex. You must think of how a confident person would behave in those situations.

2. Create your affirmations

There are four basic principles to creating a self-esteem affirmation

  1. They need to be in the present tense
  2. They must be affirmative positive statements (no mention of can’t, won’t, no) using words such as will or can.
  3. They must be in the first person – in other words using I.
  4. They must be based on taking an action – using the actions you thought of in step 1 when you defined standards

Some examples of self-esteem affirmations

I can approach women and have conversations with them

I can lose weight

I am great at my job

I can be happy

Notice how all of these are in the present tense, affirmative, using first person, and involve a specific action.

3. Put your affirmations into action

It’s best to say your affirmations twice a day out loud in the morning and in the evening. It’s important to stick to this because it’s like training your body, if you miss doing it your results will start to wane.

If you get bored with certain affirmations then you can always think of new ones.

If you stick at doing daily affirmations, then before long you should start to become more naturally confident and happy with yourself.

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