How to power nap

Life always seems a lot tougher when you’re tired doesn’t it? That’s why getting a good night’s sleep is so important.

But what if you don’t get a good night’s sleep?

Taking a power nap is a great way to recharge the batteries. You will wake up feeling much more alert and more productive. And research has shown that stress hormones are lower in those who take power naps.

The best time to sleep for is around 20 minutes, long enough to get a good recharge but not too long for you to slip into a very deep sleep, if you do that then you could well end up feeling groggy when you wake up.

The best time for this sleep is usually in the afternoon, when we often feel more sleepy, particularly if we’ve had a heavy meal. But obviously if you are working, it can be hard to get this sleep. Some more enlightened companies are now providing sleep pods for workers to get some quick sleep. But it is still not considered “normal” by many to take a sleep during working hours. This is despite the fact that in much of the world, especially Spanish and Latin American countries, it has always been a traditional part of life.

One solution could be to find a quiet spot at lunchtime for your power nap.  It is best to lie horizontally if you can, but if not you may be able to drop off putting your head on your desk.

If you’re driving , it is especially important not to get too tired and if you feel yourself getting sleepy try to stop somewhere quiet and take a nap.

To get to sleep, it is important to try and relax physically and mentally. Try getting physically relaxed by tensing up your muscles then releasing them, starting at the top of your body and working down to your feet.

For mental relaxation you need to shut out as many distracting thoughts as you can, try picturing yourself in a favourite place when you were feeling relaxed and happy – hopefully this will send you off.

For an extra boost you could try drinking a cup of coffee before you sleep, it will not take effect immediately so won’t stop you getting to sleep, but when you wake up you should feel even more alert.

So give power naps a try, they could change your life.

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