How to save my marriage?


Marriage break-ups have reached epidemic proportions and approximately half of marriages now end in separation. Divorce is normally a very painful process and costly in many different ways, so before setting out on this road, it’s important to do everything you can to to try and save your marriage.

Try not to be critical
No-one wishes to be with someone who criticises them all the time. And so when you feel yourself starting to be critical of your spouse, attempt to put an end to it immediately. When you are critical it will only make everything worse in your relationship.

Compliment your spouse
As an alternative to criticising your spouse, try being nice to them instead. This might be challenging when relationships start to go badly, but strive really hard to do it. Your spouse will hopefully respond by behaving better towards you.

Aim to be positive
Although right now, you might think that all is bad in your relationship, hopefully that has not always held true. Think about the really good features in your relationship and make a list of these. Refer to this list frequently. Whenever there are definitely absolutely no good things, and never have been, you might be in the wrong relationship!

Try to be patient
It’s better not to coerce your spouse into looking at you marriage, simply allow them to know that you are prepared to speak once they are, and would like to sort things out.

Try to communicate well
This is the core of all very good marriages, so make the effort to speak to your spouse about how you and they are thinking, and how you can resolve your problems.

Keep calm
Pause and start again later on when things have calmed down if either of you become angry when speaking about your difficulties.

When your spouse tells you that they are not pleased with a certain way you behave, then strive to improve that.

Try to do things together
Make efforts to do some things together if you have completely separate lives and hobbies.

Hopefully this has given you some useful guidelines on how to save your marriage. If you have already split up you might like to look at some advice on how to get your ex back.

By Alex Lloyd

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