How to be Happy



How to be Happy offers 100 concise and practical ways for you to become happier in all aspects of your life

The advice is easy to follow and to put into action and shows how to be happy both in the future, and right now.


  • How to deal with important challenges you face

  • How you can improve your relationships

  • What to do if you hate your job (or your boss)

  • How to stop negative thoughts

  • How to get yourself in better condition physically and mentally

  • Why sleep is so important for your happiness and how to improve your sleep

  • How to eat healthier

  • How to break negative patterns and start positive ones

  • How to survive a break-up

  • How to find a new partner 

  • How to improve your self-confidence

  • How to plan for the future

  • How to be happy right now

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Some sample pages from the book

How to be Happy

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I’ve had a pretty tough time recently and was looking for something to drag me out of it, and How to be Happy has done just that with some very inspiring tips and ideas.

 How to be Happy is really easy to read, with loads of tips on how to be happier in everyday life. I’ve put many of them into action already and have found that the ideas really can help.

Great book!  Just reading this book made me feel more positive and happier!

 How to be Happy is full of practical ways to improve your happiness in a very wide number of areas. I’d be very surprised if there was anyone who was not able to learn some very valuable things from this book.

I’ve learnt so much from How to be Happy and have found that the tips really do work. Thanks!

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We’re confident you will be happy with the book, but if you are not we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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