Stepping out of your comfort zone

Sometimes it’s important to try stepping out of your comfort zone and to do new things. I’ve always fancied trying a martial art but the thought of doing it was rather intimidating. Finally however I took the plunge and booked some lessons in a martial art called Krav Maga.  I was attracted by the fact that it is a very practical martial art and doesn’t have all the rituals of many martial arts or any need to wear special clothing.

The class was a mixture of fitness routines and learning defensive and attacking moves. Krav Maga is one of the most practical martial arts, designed for self-defence.

We were taught punching and kicking moves and how to defend ourselves from an attack by someone holding a knife, or what to do if two people attack simultaneously. Sometimes it was very complicated and reminded me of trying to remember the moves in a dancing class like Salsa.

It was an interesting, if exhausting, two hour session that culminated in us putting into action what we had learnt. That part was quite scary as it involved attacking each other and having to use our new moves to defend ourselves.

It was at times quite a scary experience but afterwards I felt quite exhilarated, partly from the adrenaline rush from exercising vigorously but also from trying a new activity and stepping outside my comfort zone.

If you’d like to try Krav Maga look for a club near yourself or you can also try doing it right now online via The Krav Maga On-line Course

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